Don Bosco Makati Elementary
Don Bosco Technical Institute of Makati is a school where students are enjoined to “Run, jump, shout, and make noise but do not sin.” Inspired by Mary Help of Christians and guided by the Preventive System of Don Bosco, the Educative Pastoral Community (EPC) molds the young to become Good Christians and Upright Citizens.


The school provides quality education and holistic formation that guides the students towards social transformation through a curriculum with technological orientation. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities 

give more learning opportunities to the students which help raise their self-esteem and shape their personalities allowing them to develop many working skills and people skills. Thus, building solid relationships with others.
The Elementary Curriculum is based on the K to 12 Curriculum of the Department of Education and some modifications were made to conform to the peculiarities of the Salesian Educational System.


A child-caring and family-supportive Salesian school that forms competent, relational, and service-oriented Bosconians.

The Elementary Department aims to:

provide a holistic curriculum that addresses the cognitive, spiritual, physical, technical, and social aspects of each Bosconian in developing his potential as a human being;

inspire each Bosconian to live the charism of Don Bosco and enhance the quality of his participation, volunteerism and leadership in school, church, community and in the society;

acquire the essential foundation for high school education through effective and innovative teaching strategies to address the needs of the 21st century learners.



Sodality Club


Patron: Mary, Help of Christians

It is an association of youth who wish to live and spread the devotion to Mary Help of Christians in their Salesian school, parish, and family. 


Patron: St. John Bosco

It is an association of youth who are fascinated by the work of St. John Bosco for young people and desire to follow his footsteps. 

Savio Friends – It is an association of young people who desire to follow the example of the boy-saint, Dominic Savio. 

Knights of the Altar

Patron: Sacred Heart of Jesus

It is an association of young people who want to render faithful, reverent and edifying service to God by assisting His visible representative, the priest. 

Performing Arts

Bosco Dance Crew – This club is for the students with skills and love for dancing and doing creative dance steps with gracefulness and confidence.

Glee – This club is for the students with good voice quality. They perform repertoire of songs with proper posture, breathing, tune, timing, and enunciation using different styles of singing.

Music Ministry – This club is for students who have advanced skills in playing different musical instruments like guitar, violin, drums, and others. 

Teatro Busko – This club aims to promote students’ interest in acting, specifically, stage play.

Creative Arts

Creative Hands – The members of this club demonstrate artistic and creative abilities in making simple artwork using different media.

Young Chefs – The members of this club do some simple food preparation techniques, observe proper table etiquette, sanitation and food safety in a fun atmosphere.

Origami – This club is for the students who enjoy / appreciate the art of paper folding.

Photography – The members of this club learn the proper skills in manipulating camera controls and settings to produce artistic and creative appreciation of God’s creations.

Graphic Artists – The members create, manipulate and retouch graphics and images with patience, determination and self- expression.

Web Artists – The members of this club construct and design useful websites that will enhance creativity and develop work ethics.

Leadership and Service

Boy Scouts of the Philippines – Members of this movement practice brotherhood and camaraderie in the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law.

Lectors and Commentators – Commit oneself as member of the club who will render service to the school during Liturgical celebrations.

Life Savers – This club is an avenue for the students to learn and apply Basic life support and water safety.

Young Environmentalists – The members of this club learn the basic conservation techniques that would promote an eco-friendly atmosphere at home, school and community.


Basketball – This club is for the basketball enthusiasts. They learn the 4S- skills, sportsmanship, stamina, speed.

Badminton – The members of this club practice and demonstrate the fundamental skills of badminton and develop camaraderie, honesty, sportsmanship and teamwork among members.

Soccer – The members of this club hone their skill and love for the game called soccer.

Board Gamers – Members demonstrate techniques and skills at the same time foster camaraderie and sportsmanship in playing different board games.

Pamato – They introduce and promote Filipino Traditional Games to rekindle the love for these games. They also foster camaraderie and sportsmanship among members.

Critical Mind

Readers’ Circle – Members develop their love for reading through sharing and interacting with others. They also share with their friends some learning from the books that they have read.

Robotics – This club will introduce the children to the world of robots and what makes them tick. They will explore the world of robotics through the kits; learn about the Mathematics, Science and culture behind them. 

Samahang Makabayan – This club harnesses the patriotism of each member and in turn, influence other students through their patriotic activities and actions.

Sipnayan – This club is an avenue for students to apply mathematical skills by solving routine and non-routine word problems and doing various puzzles individually and by groups.

Young Bosconian Journalists – The members of this club are taught forms of composition, both prose and poetry. They are challenged to write news articles, feature stories, editorials, etc. The club serves as a training ground for prospective staffers of the school paper.

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Location:  Chino Roces Avenue,  Makati City
Telephone:  (632) 8892-0101
School Hours:  M – F: 7am – 4pm

Current Students


Lay Mission Partners

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Location:  Chino Roces Avenue,  Makati City

Telephone: (632) 8892-0101


School Hours: M – F: 7am – 4pm

Current Students

Lay Mission Partners

PAASCU Acredited Years

Years Established

Get In Touch

Location:  Chino Roces Avenue,  Makati City
Telephone:  (632) 8892-0101
School Hours:  M – F: 7am – 4pm