Human Resource Office

The Human Resource Office is a service-oriented unit that responds to employees’ work-related needs resulting in a more secured employee records, enhanced productivity and harmonious working relationships.

Vision - Mission Statement

Non-Teaching Office Personnel
We, the Non-Teaching Office Personnel of Don Bosco Technical Institute-Makati City, animated by the spirit of St. John Bosco, envision the youth from the middle class, the marginalized, the poor and abandoned to become upright citizens and apostolic Christians.

As an integral part of the learning community, we provide quality support services through enthusiastic and courteous client assistance, collaboration and networking, creativity and innovation, accountability and responsible use of modern technology.

Believing in the Preventive System and Salesian Youth Spirituality, we commit ourselves to excellence as evangelizers in educating and journeying with the young, and guiding them in their life vocation.

Services Offered

The policies for recruitment, selection, and hiring are established to support Don Bosco Schools’ commitment to educate and evangelize the young through a strong commitment to excellence and perpetual learning, collaborating, and networking. This shall be achieved by selecting and hiring the right person for the right job, the one who meets the school and TVET center’s employment standards, has the competencies required for the position and has the capacity for growth.

Compensation and Benefits Administration refers to the rewards of payments given and received for work performed or service rendered by the employee. The term compensation does not only refer to the basic pay but pertains as well to other forms of remuneration, allowance and benefits.

The Vision-Mission (2005) of the Educational Apostolate of the FIN Province states that journeying with the young must be characterized “by a strong commitment to EXCELLENCE and PERPETUAL LEARNING”. Because of the ever increasing competitiveness, at present there is a need to create a culture where one's full potential is optimized to attain exemplary performance and quality output. It is a necessity and no longer an option. The training and staff development shall provide a baseline for continuous personal and professional development that will ensure quality and excellence in the performance.
Excellence must be further pursued among all members of the Educative Pastoral Community through the Salesian and Filipino understanding of Servant Leadership which should characterize its EPC mission of education and evangelization as well as its specific response to quality improvement.

OUR ANCHOR: The Salesian Family Spirit
The first gift Don Bosco gave to his disciples is that of a serene and welcoming human relationship. His self-control allowed him to give himself to others with extraordinary efficacy and to give gradually to relationships a pastoral and sacramental content.”
Don Bosco wanted everyone to feel at home in his establishments. The Salesian house becomes a family when affection is mutual and when all, both confreres and young people, feel welcome and responsible for the common good.”
In an atmosphere of mutual trust and daily forgiveness, the need and joy of sharing everything is experienced and relationships are governed not so much by recourse to rules as by faith and the promptings of the heart.”
Don Bosco passes this on to us as a way of living and handing on the gospel message, and of working with and through the young for their salvation. It permeates our approach to God, our personal relationships, and our manner of living in community through the exercise of a charity that knows how to make itself loved”
In this regard, in every decision concerning employee relations “we uphold respect for the dignity of man and his rights, the spreading of a culture of solidarity and peace, human advancement leading to more than just living conditions and the defense of ecological balance”.


St. John Bosco


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