Technical Vocational Education and Training Center (TVET)
Admission Procedures

The TVET Center of Don Bosco Technical Institute of Makati offers a 15-month
Technical Vocational Training, that is, 10 months in-campus academic learning
and 5 months On-the-Job Training (OJT). This is NOT a SHS TechVoc Track.
The training program is also opened to the following:
     -Grade 10 Completers
     -Grade 12 Graduates
(For both) Present the original and photocopy (2 pcs) of the School ID; latest Report Card
and the other requirements mentioned here.

Final admission to the program will only be rendered after the submission of the following
to the Office of the Registrar -
     -For Grade 10 Completers - Original and Photocopy of the Grade 10 Certificate
     -For Grade 12 Graduates – Original and Photocopy of the Grade 12 Diploma

1. APPLICATION PERIOD begins in September of the current school year.
2. The REQUIREMENTS for APPLICATION are as follows:
    (REQUIREMENTS A - F should be strictly observed)      

  • A.  NSO - issued Birth Certificate (original 1 photocopy) must be 17 – 30 years old at the start of the program
      • B. Baptismal Certificate or its equivalent in your religion – original and photocopy
      • C. Any of the following: (original and 1 photocopy)
          - High School Report Card or HS Diploma (for graduates of the Old Secondary Curriculum)
          - SHS Diploma (for graduates of the K to 12 Curriculum)
          - Transcript of Records and Honorable dismissal and Transfer credentials (for College Graduates / Undergraduates
          - PEPT Result from Dep Ed
          - A & E Test Result from Alternative Learning System and Diploma
      • D. BIR TAX-EXEMPTION Certificate : (for those with no income ) - Original and Photocopy
        Latest BIR Income Tax Return of Parents (for those with income) - Original and Photocopy
      • E. Letter of Recommendation from ANY of the following:
          - Bishop
          - Parish Priest / Salesian Priest
          - Any Religious (Nun or Brother or their equivalent in your religion)
      • F. 2 pcs. latest 2 X 2 photo of the applicant ; colored with white background
          Processing of documents will be rendered only to applicants with COMPLETE DOCUMENTS.
          TOTAL COST of the 15 - month Training Program - PHP 45,000.00.
          However, subsidized tuition fees could be arranged.
  • Additional Requirements for Foreign Applicants
  1. With Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I - Card)
    1. Original and Photocopy of ACR I-Card
    2. Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay
    B. Without ACR I - Card
    1. Duly accomplished Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF) for Student Visa and Special Study Permit. The CGAF can be downloaded from this link. Application Form (CGAF), Extension of Student Visa (CGAF)
    2. Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay
1. Submit all original and photocopied documents to the Registrar’s Office.
2. Pay the application fee at the Accounting Office. The application/ testing
    fee of Php. 150.00 shall be paid by the regular trainees and scholarship
3. Present the official receipt to the Registrar’s Office. The applicant is then
    informed of the test schedule and date of release of test results.
 DO NOT BE LATE on the day of your examination. Late examinees will not be allowed to take the test.
2. An orientation will be given before the examination.
3. Bring: Mongol Pencil #2 with eraser – 2 pcs.
     Yellow pad - 2 pcs.

4. View the Test Result and the Interview Schedule from this website – Click Admission (TVET), tab TVET Admission Test Results.

NOTE: Test results can be viewed in the website for a week from the day of
release. After which, such will be deleted to give way to the new test results.

(If the applicant qualified for admission … )
    • Come on the scheduled date and interview.
    • Present the medical certificate to the School Nurse. The School Nurse determines if the applicant is fit for training or not.
    • If the applicant is physically fit, he/she proceeds to the TVET Secretary and get the Interview and Assessment Forms.
    • The Applicant will be interviewed by the following offices (in order):
        - External Relations Officer
        - TVET Spiritual Moderator
        - Technical Director (In the absence of the Technical Director, the Asst. Technical Director will conduct the interview)
    • IMPORTANT REMINDERS on the day of the INTERVIEW:
        - The applicant must PRESENT his/her MEDICAL CERTIFICATE from an accredited clinic to the nurse (NO MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, NO INTERVIEW POLICY will be observed)
        - The interviewee must come in proper / decent attire (male and female).
        - Male applicants should sport a short haircut. Faddish haircut such as long bangs, skin-head, dyed hair, anime style, faux hawk style, highlighted is NOT ALLOWED.
        - Bring the Interview Form.
        1. Come on the scheduled date of your enrollment. Don’t forget to bring ballpen as you will be asked to fill out the Information Sheet.
        2. Present your accomplished Assessment Form and accomplished Interview Form to the Registering Officer.
        3. Fill out the Trainee Basic Information Sheet ( 2 copies)
        4. Pay the minimum amount or higher upon enrollment to the Accounting Office. The Minimum Fee is Php 2,500.00.
        • For Foreign Students, the cost of the training program is US$ 2,000.00. US$1,000 for the first semester and the other US$1,000 for the second semester.

          5. Present the Official Receipt and the Assessment Form to the Registering Officer.
          6. Submit the Accomplished Trainee Basic Information Sheet and the Interview Form. The Registering Officer will stamp ENROLLED on the following documents:
            - Official Receipt (OR)
            - Assessment Form
            - Trainee Basic Information Sheet
            - Interview Form
          7. The Registering Officer gets the Trainee Basic Information Sheet and Interview Form and returns the copy of the OR and Assessment Form to the trainee.
            Important Reminder to Grade 10 Completers only:
            Fill out The Trainee’s Agreement With Don Bosco Technical Institute.
            For Grade 10 Completers who will take this training program, a Special Order (SO) from TESDA will NOT BE ISSUED TO YOU based on two (2) reasons :
              - You are not a HS graduate;
              - The program is not an equivalent of the SHS Program of DepEd.
          8. You are now OFFICIALLY ENROLLED! Thank you


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